Conference Calls...

Sunday 15 June 2014

Hi again,

This is a very exciting time for me, we are off to Wellington to our annual Host Accommodation Conference.

I love catching up with our host family, it is always great fun with lots of laughter and of course learning to be had.

This year we have lots to celebrate after the very successful launch of our new host rewards card and the new host app at the beginning of this month.

I will give more details about the card and app in my next post when I get back from the Conference.

There are some great deals on flights to Queenstown for the winter season and we still have some great deals on accommodation so grab one while you can and take advantage of our best online specials, available here on our own webpage. (I will happily introduce you to our new host rewards loyalty card if you haven't got one already!)

My hint for this post is:

Never, ever pour water on your windscreen to get rid of the frost because it can easily shatter your windscreen, it can also freeze instantly causing more problems and making the driveway into an instant ice skating rink!! .Either use an ice scraper and scrape the frost off or start your car up and run it for a few moments to warm it up and defrost the windscreen at the same time.

All the best til next time,


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