Fibre internet now...Still free and unlimited

Monday 10 April 2017

It's here! It took a lot longer than we would have liked but it's here...

We have now gone fibre for our internet. After waiting patiently for years we have been rewarded with high speed so it was worth the wait! We need to update all our information blurbs to now read "free unlimited fibre" which will be a pleasure, we love enhancing and improving our guests experiences.

Autumn has arrived, the colours are amazing and it is a great time of year for artists and photographers.

Vanessa has some great deals available currently on our secure website for now and in the winter so book early to take advantage of the discounts.
NZSki and Cardrona have both been busy over the summer preparing the snowfields for you and are looking forward to a great winter season.

My hint for this post is :

When you are booking your holiday, make sure you take out travel insurance and remember the place you are staying at pays a commission fee to be on the online booking sites so will probably have a better deal available if you book directly with the property.

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